Pallavi Joshi furious over Farooq Abdullah's statement

Vivek Agnihotri's 'The Kashmir Files' is in the news these days and is being liked a lot. Politicians are also reacting to this film. Let me tell you all that the way the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits happened in the year 1990, this issue has been shown well in the film. Due to this, this film is attracting the attention of the audience and audience in every way. Let you tell everyone that this film is being discussed among the critics as well. So far, the film has earned more than 200 crores. At the same time, now politicians are also discussing about the film.

Yes, and they are accusing each other about this issue. Talking to a famous website some time ago, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah said during the interaction that nothing like this happened under his rule. Yes, Farooq Abdullah had said in an interview recently that, "He is ready to be hanged in any corner of the country if he is found responsible for this issue." At the same time, now Farooq Abdullah's statement has been reacted to by 'The Kashmir Files' actress Pallavi Joshi.

Pallavi said, "Look, politics is not my domain. I don't know how to respond to politicians, but I must say that what we have done is based on four years of detailed work. The film shows what we have found in the research. I still have the statements of all those Kashmiri Pandits. There are statements of government employees who have seen that time. from police to administration. All the incidents that have been shown in the film, we have video evidence of all of them. I don't think 700 people will lie unitedly."

Along with this she further said "Kashmiri Pandits have been accused of colluding with Jagmohan (Malhotra, Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, 1990) and leaving. I think some people may have done it, but why would seven lakh people do it together? Why would they be forced to leave the place in a single day? Ok, let me say they did it, but they didn't say anything against Jagmohan. They haven't been able to go back for 32 years, so what do you think they must have lied to us?''

At the same time, Pallavi Joshi also pointed out, "In the year 1990, Farooq Abdullah had resigned two days before the brutal killing of Kashmiri Pandits. There was no administration there for two days. Mr Abdullah had resigned two days before this brutal murder and he had gone to London. Jagmohan was appointed by the Governor at that time and could not reach there due to bad weather. They had to stay in Jammu for three days. All these murders took place at the time.''

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