'Father cut into pieces and stuffed him in sack', says actress narrates stories of Kashmiri Pandit

Director Vivek Agnihotri has shown the brutality of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 through the film The Kashmir Files. Many people cried seeing this film and many people's hearts were broken. Pallavi Joshi has played the negative character of Radhika Menon in this film. On the other hand, talking about Pallavi, she is Vivek's wife in real life and because of this, she was a part of it from day one while making the film. In a press conference held in Delhi some time ago, she narrated the painful tales that she had heard with her own ears during the research done for the film.

During this time, Pallavi said that she did the research for this film for four years and interviewed many people. Pallavi further said that she had spoken to one such family who had committed this atrocity. Pallavi said, "When we went for our first interview, we knew that the father of the person we were going to talk to had been murdered but I didn't know-how. When we got there, they welcomed us happily. She further said, "They told us everything, from their happy childhood to this tragedy. Talking about her husband's death, her daughter said that her father was killed and cut into 50 pieces. It was stuffed in a sack and thrown away. After 2-3 days, when the sack was found, she identified her father's body through the ID card. '

Talking further during this, Pallavi said- 'In another interview, a woman told that her father was shot all over his body. And then the police took his body, did the post-mortem. When the body was returned, the bullet marks were everywhere and due to the post-mortem, the stitches were not properly stitched and the internal parts of the body were visible. The woman was crying while telling this and said that the woman had to bathe her father for his last rites. In this way, she told many such things which shook the hearts of the people.

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