If you have this line in your hand, then you will travel abroad!
If you have this line in your hand, then you will travel abroad!

Every person in the world has many dreams in his life. The dream of walking out in such a move is the dream of all who want to travel abroad. There are many people who have a trip abroad in palmistry and live abroad. Yes, say if the lines are the sum, then anything happens the person goes on a foreign trip.

Yes, if the lines are not stumbled, then traveling abroad also has to be canceled. According to The Palmistry Astrology, when a line emerges from the Moon Mountain and meets the lifeline cutting the fortune line, humans travel to countries around the world.

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On the other hand, if the lifeline automatically travels to the Moon Mountain, the Jatakas travel to many remote countries and die far away from the birthplace. At the same time, it is said that if a line from Manibandh a goes to Mount Mars, it travels abroad in human life. At the same time, the lines that rise above the first Manibandh and reach the moon mountain are considered to be the most auspicious.

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It is said that if the cross lines from the Chandra Mountains cross the Chandra Mountains and join the Destiny Line, there are important and fruitful journeys from remote countries. At the same time, if a Jatakas have foreign travel lines in the right hand and there are no lines in the left hand or there is a cross or island at the beginning of the line, there is some obstacle to the journey abroad.

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