Palmistry: The head Line reveals about your Love life

Feb 04 2019 08:30 PM
Palmistry: The head Line reveals about your Love life

Are you worried or confused about your career, health or marriage, taking a look at your palm might just be a good idea… From palm lines and markings to palm shapes and size, everything constitutes a general outlook of one’s future and present.

It is known that the Mount of Venus represents our sensual (sexual) life, but there’s one more aspect explained in Palmistry that spills the beans about our Love Life - The Head Line. It’s been understood that one’s sensual attitude can be easily analyzed by looking at the head line.

Short head line

Those have short head line emerging from their Life line; it means their sensual personality ranges in extreme. They have mood swings; they may either initiate loving gestures or would abstain themselves from any kind of intimate contact.

More than one head line

An individual with more than one head line and whose second head line is also joined to their life line, would not want to be seriously being involved in a romantic relationship.

They are boldly unromantic and don’t even pursue love. They are happy being single. They usually go for late marriage, maybe in late 30s.

Head line ending beyond the ring finger

These people usually face the delay in marriage, but they don’t hold themselves from finding love and getting intimate. They are least romantic and believe in fulfilling their basic needs. Such people are under the influence of Lord Saturn (Shani), and have mastered the art of differentiating between true love and sheer pleasure.

Head line shorter than life line

This is an indication that the person has a growing wish to live liberally and free themselves from societal norms when it comes to sex. Their opinions on life and intimacy defy society norms beyond limits.

Separate emergence of head line

A head line, which is not emerging from the Life line, indicates that the person in his or her later life, probably in 40s or late 30s, experience a drastic change in their normal loving life. They would seek adventure over boundaries of loyal relationships, and may also have a secret life.

Curved head line

People who have a slightly bent head line like to be free, but secretive about their sex life. They only come out in open when they feel there is no option left.

Straight head line

A straight head line indicates that the person doesn’t get involved in romantic attachment in their initial years or have any seriousness towards it. Even if they do have a physical closeness with someone, it won’t have an emotional participation from their side.

At nutshell  above-said things aren't true for everyone as Palmistry is a practice of foretelling one's future based on the analysis of their palm- lines, shapes, marking, size etc., which tend to change throughout one's life.

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