Panasonic and Toyota to create a "city of the future"

The Japanese corporations Panasonic Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation created a joint venture (JV) that will work on the cities of the future. Panasonic has been engaged in the creation of sustainable development cities for several years - Fujisawa, Tsunashima, Denver's "smart neighborhoods", Berlin. At the same time, Toyota has begun to create the MSPF platform (information infrastructure for connected transport), while at the same time improving the development of connected vehicles to create a safe and comfortable space for everyone.

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Toyota wants to promote the use of Big Data to improve people's well-being.

“I want to take on the difficult task of creating a new lifestyle based on the desire to always be better, combining the achievements of Toyota in the field of automotive and connected devices and Panasonic with its areas of home appliances and electronics, batteries, and Iot.”

Akio Toyoda

Toyota President

Panasonic, for its part, has extensive experience in working on household appliances and electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT), Toyota, being a car company, is in the field of mobility. Panasonic President Kazuhiro Zug noted that modern services will play a major role in the development of future cities:

“They will provide (city) value to consumers and the local community. Toyota is a leader in mobility, and Panasonic has been working to improve people's lives for many years. We will combine our strengths to fill our daily lives with new values. This cooperation will help Panasonic test itself in solving complex and interesting problems in the development of the urban development business, in order to create a “perfect lifestyle” for each of our clients. ”

Kazuhiro Zuga

Panasonic President

The official launch of the joint venture between Panasonic and Toyota is scheduled for January 2020. In the future, the project can join the Japanese trading company Mitsui & Co.

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