Panchak has started; make sure that you do not do these things!

Jul 20 2019 05:41 PM
Panchak has started; make sure that you do not do these things!

Tell everyone that Panchak is already in place and that doing some work at this time is considered a taboo. The Panchak has started at 2.57 pm yesterday, July 19. It will end at 3.40pm on July 24. At the same time, astrologers now believe that when the moon travels around Dhanitya, Shatabisha, Purbhadrapad, Uttarabhadrapad and Revati Nakshatra, the Panchak appears. This period is said to be unlucky and hence requires special vigilance.

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According to astrology, this time Panchak is in Sawan, so Kavdis should not pick up the Kavad. Yes, the water brought during Kanwar is offered to Lord Shiva, so it is not advisable to carry water with Kanwar during these days. It is said that death in Panchak is not considered auspicious and it is said that if a human being dies during this period, other members of the household are facing a similar crisis. On the other hand, a person who dies in Panchak should be cremated with the body of a person who has made five effigies at the time of cremation.

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At the time of the Panchak period, when there is a Nakshatra, you should not collect wood, grass or burning items at home or anywhere, as it can also cause a fire. It is said that when the Panchak starts, one should avoid a trip and especially not travel southwards at all.

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