Keep this picture of Hanuman ji today at the main entrance of the house

Sep 07 2019 04:20 PM
Keep this picture of Hanuman ji today at the main entrance of the house

Tuesday is considered to be the day of Pawanaputra Hanuman ji and his glory is celebrated everywhere. In such a situation, Shri Ram is a devotee of Lord Hanuman not only in Hinduism but all over the country, Hanuman ji has also got the title of Devotee Shiromani and also has the title of Veer Shiromani.

With this, if there is any problem or problem in someone's life, then that person should put a photo of Lord Hanuman's Panchmukhi avatar in the main door of his house. Yes, with this, it is said that if this is done, then all the troubles end.

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Talk about Hinduism mythology, "Hanuman ji is considered to be the god of gods, there is no other power in this world like him, there are no such tasks that Hanuman ji cannot do." It is said that "Hanuman ji killed Ravana's brother Ahiravan by taking an avatar in the form of Panchmukhi and in the Panchmukhi avatar of Hanuman ji, the first face monkey, second Garuda, third Varaha, fourth horse and fifth Narsinghak There are mouths.” With this only by the Panchmukhi form, Hanuman ji removes all the sufferings of his devotees and each mouth has its own different significance.

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For this reason, this picture of him should be installed at the main gate of his house. It is said that the first monkey face of this picture conquers all enemies; Second Garuda removes all the troubles; the Third boar from north direction brings fame, power, and long life. All desires are fulfilled by the fifth horse face of the statue.

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