Pandemic hit almost one million jobs loss in Italy in the past 1 year

Apr 07 2021 02:55 PM
Pandemic hit almost one million jobs loss in Italy in the past 1 year

In Covid19-stricken Italy, nearly one million people lost their jobs over the course of a year, official data showed Tuesday, fuelling fresh concerns about the cost of the pandemic.

“The coronavirus pandemic has cost the Italian economy nearly one million jobs” said the country's National Statistics Institute (ISTAT) on Tuesday.

The institute recorded 22.2 million employed Italians by the end of February, a reduction of 945,000 compared to the same period a year earlier, Xinhua news agency quoted the Institute as saying on Tuesday.

February 2020 was the last month largely untouched by the coronavirus pandemic in Italy, which means ISTAT's data covers the first full year of the crisis. the number of employed people In February,  stood at just under 22.2 million, broadly stable from January, but down by 945,000 compared with February 2020, national statistics office Istat said.

ISTAT said the contraction of the job market was felt by both male and female workers, among dependents and the self-employed, and across all age groups.

Italy's coronavirus pandemic began in late February 2020, and the country went into national lockdown the following month. It was the first in Europe to take such action.


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