'Papa tortured me physically and mentally for 2 years...', Urfi Javed's glimpse of pain

Urfi Javed, the famous actress of the TV world, is very active on social media. She is always in the news for sharing her bold photos and videos. Urfi is also known for her bold statements. Urfi had recently said that she belongs to a Muslim family but she does not want to marry a Muslim boy. After this statement, Urfi came into a lot of discussion. The same Urfi is once again in controversy due to his second statement.  

Recently Urfi Javed shared an anecdote. Urfi has mentioned in this story that when her picture was put on an by someone, how her condition had become. Urfi told in the interview that someone had put his photo on the. Then Urfi's condition worsened. Urfi said that when someone posted his photo on the adult website, his father was very angry with him.  

Urfi said that his father had been torturing him physically and mentally for two years over this. Apart from this, his close relatives and friends also used to talk dirty about Urfi. In her interview, Urfi had told that God forbid that what happened to her should not happen to any girl. He said that his photo was being searched by everyone on the internet. His photos were seen everywhere. Dirty photos were going viral. However, Urfi did not say if his photos were still on the. At present, Urfi remains in the limelight due to her inattentive outfit.

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