Parag Agarwal in action as CEO, issues new guidelines

Parag Agarwal has come into action as soon as Twitter CEO. Parag Agarwal has further expanded the company safety policy, which was implemented only in September this year. Under the Twitter Safety Mode, there has been a ban on sharing private photos and videos without permission. The account will be temporarily blocked for 7 days in violation of this policy. Twitter has said that posts sharing photos and videos can also be deleted without permission. However, the policy has not been implemented as the rule applicable to popular celebrities and experts as their tweets are considered for public interest. According to the company, there have been several cases of private photo sharing without permission, in which people used to torture mentally and physically by sharing private photographs.

The micro blogging platform has said that such an act has been termed as a crime. Twitter admitted that sharing someone's photo and video without permission is like causing physical and emotional harm. where it has been found that sharing private media without permission can cause inconvenience to anyone. But this affects women, activists and the minority community the most. Twitter said strict action is going to be taken if a report is received from him against such a post.

According to the company's existing policy, posting a person's private information, such as a phone number, ID, will also be counted as a crime. Also, exposing someone's personal knowledge, threatening someone or encouraging others to do so will be counted as a crime category. According to Twitter, the problem of misuse of media and personal information is increasing. Through this, incidents like harassment, intimidation of people have increased.

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