Parag Agarwal joined the ranks of these people as soon as he was appointed CEO Twitter

The responsibility has been handed over to Indian-origin Parag Agarwal after former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsi stepped down. Ever since the news came, parag agarwal has been searched many times on social media and Google. Jack Dorsi has said that he has faith in Parag Agarwal and that his work has been excellent for the last 10 years. Parag Agarwal is 37 years old and graduates from IIT Bombay . Parag Agarwal has become the youngest CEO among the top 500 companies. The great thing is that twitter's board of directors has unanimously appointed Parag Agarwal as its new CEO.

Five things you may not even know about Parag Agarwal, the new CEO of Twitter:-

1 Parag Agarwal graduated from IIT-Bombay and after which he received a PHD degree in Computer Science from Standford University.

2 Parag started working with Twitter as an AIDS engineer in October 2011. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed as the company's prestigious software engineer.

3 Not only that, in 2017, Twitter appointed Parag Agarwal as chief technology officer.

4 joined Twitter in 2011, before Parag Agarwal did research internships at AT&T, Microsoft (Microsoft) and Yahoo (Yahoo).

5 With the appointment of 5 New Twitter CEO, Parag Agarwal has now entered the ranks of Sundar Pichai (CEO Alphabet) and Satya Nadella (CEO Microsoft), other Ceos of Indian origin in Silicon Valley.

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