Paras once again insults his ex Girlfriend Akanksha Puri
Paras once again insults his ex Girlfriend Akanksha Puri

Renowned TV actor Paras Chhabra is not refraining from making statement against his ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri. With this, once again Paras has targeted Akanksha Puri. This statement of his may also make Akanksha very bad. In an interview to a media reporter, Paras Chhabra attacked Aakanksha and said that she is talking about me in every interview. My name is being dragged for the last 7 months. Apart from this, I did not think that Akanksha will do this, but if you are doing this again and again, it shows your personality. Also because today no one knows you as Akanksha Puri. At the same time, everyone calls you by the name of ex-girlfriend of Paras. He has no identity of her own, Akanksha is known only as the ex of Paras.

Paras has further stated that "You have struggled a lot in your career." You have been doing a show for three years. But people are knowing you as Paras ex. With this, you want to let me down by telling you my income. With this, you want to show that you have made me. I was nothing. ”Paras also described Akanksha as positive. At the same time, he said that Akanksha used to manipulate him as well. He also said that he could not hangout with his friends due to Akanksha. They brought luxury and money into my life.

You were doing this with pity on me, because I was your boyfriend. When I was in Big Boss, you are talking bad things about me. If there was a problem with my behavior, then why did not you say earlier if you were raising me. If the aspirations want to discredit me, then those people will understand what is right and what is wrong. With this, she is trying to get limelight. I never said that I am dating Mahira. At the same time, I never did double dating. I have always been a playboy, I know my limit. At the same time, I never misbehaved with girls.

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