Parent-teacher meetings will be compulsory in all colleges of Indore, Know full details

Feb 19 2020 11:31 AM
Parent-teacher meetings will be compulsory in all colleges of Indore, Know full details

Indore: Higher education department of Madhya Pradesh government has made parent-teacher meeting compulsory in all government, aided and private colleges from the session 2020-2021. Holkar College of Indore started it first in the state. After this, PTM was also held in Old GDC. Since, considering this experiment to be successful, the department has made it compulsory for all colleges.

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This rule will apply in 1410 colleges in the state including 103 in Indore. For which the Higher Education Department has written letters to additional directors and all principals. It has also been said to ensure 75% attendance of students for biometric attendance. Till now the mandate of PTM and its rules was applicable to MP Board, CBSE schools. However, a few months ago, Holkar Science College did PTM. The information of this meeting was sent to the Higher Education Department. After this, it was discussed in Bhopal. Suggestions of many principals were also taken. The department has received a letter regarding making PTM mandatory on this matter. Soon these instructions will be given to colleges.

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The number of students in most colleges ranges from 500 to 9300. After the implementation of this rule, the departments of the course will do PTM at different times in every college in Indore. PTM is to be done every month, but it will be necessary to do PTM twice in a semester and four times a year. Reports, photographs, and suggestions of PTM will also be sent to the government. The suggestions coming in PTM will have to be implemented by the college through the staff council or governing body, public participation committee.

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