Experts told about their biggest concern in Parivartan Kumbh, 'Rajnath Singh' will also be included on this day

Feb 16 2020 05:08 PM
Experts told about their biggest concern in Parivartan Kumbh, 'Rajnath Singh' will also be included on this day

Parivartan Kumbh is being organized at the Ramabai Maidan by the RSS-backed solo campaign. Educational institutions are of great concern to experts in this Kumbh. Nearly one and a half lakh Swaraj fighters, including trustees of Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi Trust, Govind Dev Giri, and Sadhvi Ritambhara were involved in Parivartan Kumbh on Sunday. The 3-day event will be attended by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on 18, Monday.

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On Sunday, the fighters gathered in Parivartan Kumbh pledged to bring change in society, city-village, state and country. Educational institutions are of greatest concern to the experts. Sadhvi Ritambhara said that what is happening in the name of education is not good. Educational institutions are becoming big arena of politics, caste and religion is being poisoned in the younger generation of the country. Some people are seen with them in India today, who are asking to tear India down. Govind Dev Giri, trustee of Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi Trust said that this country will not lose now. The hunger for the upliftment of this country is heard in this conference. If the Vedas and cows are not saved in the country, nothing will be left. It is good to have 51 Vedas in North India. He said that the wait is over today. The time has come for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

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The single school has increased its number to one lakh. We are Hanuman devotees, we are not less than 1.25 lakh. We are going to start our work on 19 February on the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the birth anniversary of Pujya Guru Ji. Everyone's development, everyone's development, and everyone's faith is the kingdom of Rama. We are not beggars, we were educated countries. Before 1818, the British did a survey and found that there is 100% education here. The people of the city continued to develop and the villages kept crying over education. Mother India kept crying. It is not appropriate to talk about development without banavasi. He said that the basic belief of humans should not be broken. By taking everyone along, we should keep moving forward till then this whole society does not become one level.

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