Winter session: Rahul Gandhi hands over list of martyred farmers, targets Centre
Winter session: Rahul Gandhi hands over list of martyred farmers, targets Centre

New Delhi: The sixth day of the winter session is begun. Before the proceedings began, the BJP Parliamentary Party gathered in Delhi. The meeting was also attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Several top authorities, including the Home Minister and the Party President, were in attendance. Union Minister Prahlad Joshi made a speech at the meeting about the suspension of 12 MPs, saying, "If they still apologise, we are willing to revoke the suspension."

The prime minister was honoured for proclaiming Birsa Munda Jayanti on November 15th, which preceded the conference. Due to opposition MPs' outrage, the Rajya Sabha was postponed today. The House has been postponed until 2 p.m., according to reports. The Lok Sabha, on the other hand, is still in session. "About 700 farmers were slain in the Kisan movement," stated Congress MP Rahul Gandhi. The Prime Minister expresses regret to the country and farmers. He acknowledged that he had made a blunder. The Agriculture Minister was asked on November 30 how many farmers were martyred during the Kisan agitation. He stated that he did not have any information. 'We discovered that the Punjab government had compensated roughly 400 farmers with Rs.5 lakhs.'

"Out of them, 152 farmers have been employed," he stated at the same time. I have this list, which I have sent to the House of Representatives. Haryana farmers received compensation as well. The Prime Minister apologised, and your government claims that no farmers have been killed or that their names have been recorded, thus these names have been included. I want whatever their right is, and whatever the Prime Minister has said, as well as the apology that has been given, to be honoured. They should be compensated and given work.'

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