Participants Of 'Dancing on Ice' are not Being Paid; Cheryl Baker
Participants Of 'Dancing on Ice' are not Being Paid; Cheryl Baker

You might know all the Hollywood TV presenters and singer Cheryl Baker. Let us tell you that recently Cheryl has said that he has not been given a fair fee for reality show 'Dancing on Ice'. In fact, he was involved in reality show 'Dancing on Ice', where he was given a fee for it but he said that it is not a good fee.

She has stated in an interview that "The money is not great in my opinion. I've been training six days a week since October. If you make it to the final it is a six-month project, so the money isn't much in comparison,".

"In this industry you can go months at a time without a job though. You can't turn the work down. I have to work. I have a mortgage and bills to pay. I'm not a saver, I never have been," the lady added. "It gives us more time to practice off the ice," the singer told about her unusual set-up. Talking about her better-half she says, "It's great. I absolutely adore him. He is kind and he understands about my fear. I don't respond well to being told off. If I had a strict coach I'd have quit before now."

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