Paryushan started from today, Significance of Paryushan in Jainism

Aug 26 2019 02:59 PM
Paryushan started from today, Significance of Paryushan in Jainism

Paryushan, the most sacred festival of Jain society, began today, i.e. Monday. It is a special festival of Jains. Shwetamber Jain celebrates this festival for the next 8 days in which they fast and follows different rules. On the other hand, Jains of the Digambar community will observe this holy fast for 10 days. The Paryushan festival is considered to be the special festival in Jain society, hence it is also known as Parvadhiraj. This festival celebrated during the month of Bhadra, the religious leaders follow the five principles of Jainism- Non-violence, Truth, Atee (not stealing), celibacy and non-deposit of excess money.

The general meaning of purification is to quench all the disorders of the mind. Paryushan festival 2019 is fast to end all kinds of bad thoughts that arise in your mind during this festival. Jains seek a way to get rid of all the disorders of the mind during this festival - anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, and ill-will. At the same time, they find a way to overcome these vices and lead themselves to peace and purity. The festival, which begins on the fifth day of the month of Bhadrapad i.e. Bhado, is celebrated till the date of Anant Chaturdashi. Followers who celebrate this festival celebrate the festival by following the 10 rules laid down by Lord Mahavir.

The persuasion of the Purushan festival during the rainy season reveals the practical thinking of Jainism. The basic premise of this festival is chaturmas migration. Four months of Chaturmas, i.e. rainy season. These days the earth gets greener due to the rainfall. Many types of animals are born small and big. Also, due to the accumulation of mud or water on the paths, the route is not walkable. Keeping this in mind, Jain Munis has pointed out that during these months, the religious leaders should stay in one place and worship Bhagwat.

These are the major tasks that follower during the festival
– All devotees recite the scriptures during the Purushan festival. Hear the discourse about it.

– Many devotees also fast during the festival. Donating for charitable benefits is also a part of it.

– Temples or shrines are specially cleaned and decorated.

– Rath Yatras or Shobha Yatras are taken out during the festival.

– Community banquets are held in temples, museums or public places during this period.

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