Bengaluru Airport Passenger Caught Smuggling 10 Yellow Anacondas
Bengaluru Airport  Passenger Caught Smuggling 10 Yellow Anacondas

Bengaluru Customs recently arrested a passenger who attempted to smuggle 10 yellow anacondas in their check-in baggage. The individual, who had arrived from Bangkok, remains unnamed as investigations continue. Authorities emphasized their zero-tolerance stance on wildlife trafficking.In an earlier incident, customs officials seized 72 snakes and six monkeys from a Bangkok flight. The haul included 55 ball pythons and 17 king cobras, all of which were alive, but the six capuchin monkeys did not survive. This occurred in September of the previous year.

Bengaluru Customs took to social media to underscore the critical need to follow wildlife protection regulations under CITES, which oversee the trade of endangered species. The Customs Act of 1962 enforces strong measures against wildlife trafficking, showcasing India's dedication to preserving its natural heritage.

In a different case, a man was caught trying to smuggle gold worth ₹63 lakh by hiding it in his rectum. This illustrates the ongoing struggles customs officials face in upholding the law against smuggling and other illicit activities.

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