Passport Printing Halted in Pakistan Due to Lamination Paper Shortage
Passport Printing Halted in Pakistan Due to Lamination Paper Shortage

Islamabad: Inflation has reached unprecedented levels in Pakistan, significantly impacting the cost of essential food items. Adding to the nation's woes, the printing of passports has come to a standstill due to a shortage of lamination paper. The lamination paper, crucial for the passport production process, is imported from France, and its unavailability has disrupted the printing workflow in Pakistan.

Impact on Passport Services

As a result of the lamination paper shortage, the issuance of passports in Pakistan has been severely affected. Reports suggest that the non-availability of this critical material has led to a temporary halt in passport printing. The situation has caused immense inconvenience for individuals planning to travel abroad. Students aiming to pursue studies overseas and job seekers intending to work abroad find themselves stranded without passports.

Government Response

The Director General of Pakistan's Immigration and Passport Directorate (DGIP), Qadir Yar Tiwana, acknowledged the crisis and assured that the government is actively working to address the issue. He expressed optimism that the printing of passports would resume soon, emphasizing the authorities' commitment to resolving the matter promptly.

Challenges Faced by Applicants

The disruption in passport printing has triggered a surge in visits to passport offices, with applicants facing uncertainty and delays. Many hopeful travelers have been instructed to wait for the situation to normalize. The scarcity of lamination paper has not only impacted the routine issuance of passports but has also stirred frustration among individuals eagerly awaiting their travel documents.

The shortage of lamination paper for passport printing in Pakistan has compounded the economic challenges already faced by the nation. As the government strives to resolve the crisis, the impact on citizens, students, and job seekers remains palpable, underscoring the far-reaching consequences of supply chain disruptions on essential services.

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