Mona Rai, a Patna model, died during treatment for her injuries after she was shot

Patna: Patna model Mona Rai has been murdered today, Sunday. Mona Rai was reportedly shot in front of her house by criminals in Navratri recently and now there have been no reports to the Patna police since her death. On the other hand, the death of the model has added to the woes of the Patna police.

The case on which the police were working on the bullet case so far could be confirmed by the model, but now with the death of the model, the cause of the shooting has gone away. In the entire case, Patna Police has only told the media that several reasons for the incident are being investigated and the love affair is also one of the reasons for the incident. Talking about Mona Rai, her death has created havoc among the family members.

Mona Rai's husband says he had requested Patna police to reach out to the culprits on the basis of CCTV footage after the shooting incident. Police say the bullet was stuck in Mona Rai's waist and had a liver damage. Not only that, both his feet had completely stopped working and his condition was becoming increasingly critical. She is now dead.

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