Pawan Hans company announces air services in Himachal by March

Jan 13 2020 05:25 PM
Pawan Hans company announces air services in Himachal by March

The Himachal government has extended the contract of Pawan Hans, a company providing air services, till March. The government has issued its orders. This company can offer air services only at the old rate. The government will pay up to Rs. 3 crore 3 lakh to the company for providing 40 hours of services in a month. Apart from the Chief Minister, the company provides air services to the people during emergencies in tribal areas. Pawan Hans Company has been providing air services in Himachal for 5 years. Extension of this company has also been given at the end of the agreement.

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Due to the repeated failure of the Pawan Hans Company helicopter, the government is inviting tenders instead of giving extensions to the company. It has given tender to Sky One Company. The new company was supposed to provide air services from January, but the Sky One company has not been prepared as a helicopter. The company had sought time from the government. The same new helicopter will have 2 pilots - the 17-seater chopper being provided to the Chief Minister by the Secretariat General Administration will have 2 pilots with double engines. Formalities at the government level have been completed.

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Helicopter services in tribal areas
Chief Minister Jairam Thakur is visiting District Kangra these days. Tattapani is fixed for his district mandi. He can go to Tattapani, a pilgrimage site by road. It is being told that as long as the Chief Minister's helicopter can serve people in tribal areas.

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