Paying gaming may help men last longer in bed

May 03 2019 08:45 PM
Paying gaming may help men last longer in bed

Palying game is one of the best to pass the time and enjoy with the friends. You will be surprised to know that it can also help you in getting better at bed. Lasting longer in bed is a priority for men across the world in order to have a healthier more fulfilling sex life. Among several changes in diet and fitness, there are certain surprising habits in a person’s lifestyle that might be instrumental in keeping premature ejaculation at bay.

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According to the study,gaming and sex may sound like poles apart, but a study has recently revealed that people who at least play games for an hour everyday are more likely to last longer during sex. While there isn’t much to suggest the reason behind this link between sex and games.

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Establishing a link between performance in bed and gaming habits, the study also showed that gamers had a lower sex drive. Meanwhile the study is certainly good news for people who spend most of their time playing games.


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