'Pakistan to take revenge on England,', PCB Chief Rameez Raja furious over cancellation of tour

Islamabad: Pakistan is once again in the news for security in international cricket. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has suffered two major setbacks in the last one week, which is going to take a long time for it to recover. The New Zealand team, which first arrived in Pakistan, decided to return home before the match started, while England also decided to cancel their tour on Monday.

Rameez Raja, the new president of the PCB, is currently baffled, not knowing what to do. Sometimes he inspires his team, sometimes his country's ministers accuses India of tarnishing the image. After cancelling his tour of England, he has now expressed his displeasure by sharing the video once again and said his team will avenge it. PCB released the video on Tuesday, in which Rameez said, "I am disappointed with England's withdrawal, but it was expected because the West countries unite and support each other."

He said, you can take any decision based on security threat and perception. There was a sense of anger because first New Zealand withdrew without sharing information about the threat they faced. Now, England, but it was expected. This is a lesson for us because when we travel to these sides, we have to go through a tough warranty and we tolerate their advice, but there is a lesson in it. That is, from now on we will move forward as much as it is in our interest.

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