Video: Have you ever seen a peacock slow motion dance, watch today

Jun 05 2021 10:15 AM
Video: Have you ever seen a peacock slow motion dance, watch today

Peacock is known for its beauty. Peacock is famous for its beautiful throat and its beautiful wings. There is no other beauty in front of the beauty of the peacock. Peacock is also known for his extremely adorable dance. But have you seen a peacock dancing in slow motion? Yes, in fact, a video is going viral right now that is of peacock dance dancing in slow motion. In this video you can watch the peacock spreading its wings very closely.



Now many people have become obsessed with this different style of peacock by watching this video. The video is currently making headlines on social media. You can see this video shared by IFS officer Sudha Raman on social media platform Twitter. Sharing the video, she captioned it, 'Get rid of your weekday fatigue, just by watching this beautiful video'.

As soon as the video was shared, it has settled in the hearts of the fans and now fans are reacting to it. After watching the video, one user wrote, "Everyone will really be happy to watch such a video". Another user wrote, "This is a wonderful sight, who would like to miss the opportunity to see such beautiful moments". There are many similar comments that have appeared on this video.

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