Penis is not just about pleasure, its about tastes too

Aug 22 2018 03:23 PM
Penis is not just about pleasure,  its about tastes too

 Have you ever thought that one can eat a penis? Well, it has turned a favourite dish in the plate of Chinese.

We are talking about here yak penis which has become the most liked food of China, but not only this cow, sheep, donkey, dog, deer, all these animals’ penises are infect included to the dish of  Chinese. People of China like to eat penises often with dipped in soy sauce. Taking about test then penises are bitter calamari.

Ya it’s a most Bizarre food, Here we discuss about the various penises which actually served in the restaurant of the Chinese capital Beijing.

1. Goat penises

Goat penises taste like Venison. They are low in fat and calories.

In China it is said that Ox penises help to increase masculinity.

3.  Deer penises

Deer penises are said to be rich in collagen which useful for the glowing skin.

4. Donkey penis

It looks like a streak of bacon and carries the faint taste of pork.


The penis is usually cooked by steaming or deep fried but some of Chinese prefer to eat penises as a raw. Some westerners compare the tastes of some penises with overcooked squid. So would you like to treat yourself with this bizarre food?

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