Pentagon Admits Launching Missiles Against Ukrainian Defense Systems

USA: According to a media report (HARM), it could be AGM-88 high-speed anti-radiation missile. Even though Moscow has warned against arming Kyiv itself, if true, it would be one of the longest-range missiles the US has so far provided to Ukraine.

According to Colin Kahl, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, the US has given Ukraine a special weapon, anti-radar missiles, to destroy radar systems. Kahl withheld information about the timing and number of missiles sent to Ukraine. He didn't even mention his model.

Although Kahl claimed that the five most recent ordnance packages sent by the US to Ukraine as of July 1 included anti-radar missile shipments, this information has not been made public.

According to the Under Secretary of Defense, the goal of sending anti-radar weapons was to give Ukrainian warplanes the freedom to fly without worrying about Russian air security, which includes, among other things, Russian territory.

Washington would also assist the Ukrainian Air Force in other ways, Kahl continued, including sending spare parts for MiG-29 aircraft.
Unlike other Western weapons, the Ukrainian government has never demonstrated receiving an anti-radar missile.

 According to CNN citing an unnamed defense official (HARM), the AGM-88 high-speed anti-radiation missile was provided by the US to Kyiv. The HARMs will be one of America's longest-range weapons to be sent to Ukraine as they can hit radars at a range of 48 kilometres.

Moscow has repeatedly urged Western countries not to send weapons to Ukraine, arguing that doing so would encourage Kyiv to wage war on Moscow rather than a diplomatic solution at the negotiating table.

Additionally, the Kremlin expressed concern that Western weapons given to Ukrainians would end up in the illegal global arms market. Investigations by Sputnik Arab show that some Western weapons models from Ukraine have already started appearing on dark web marketplaces.

Additionally, Russia warned against providing the West with weapons that would be used to attack Russian territory. Moscow issued a warning that if this happens, retaliatory strikes will target strategic locations, possibly outside Kyiv.

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