People are detained in Dagestan after a police confrontation with anti-mobilization protesters

Dagestan: In Dagestan, a region in southern Russia, at least 100 people were detained during a protest against mobilization, sparking outrage over President Vladimir Putin's order to send hundreds of thousands to fight in Ukraine. exposes.

Protests have erupted in cities across the country following Putin's announcement on Wednesday of Russia's first military mobilization since World War II. Poor ethnic minority regions such as Dagestan, a Muslim-majority region on the Caspian Sea coast in the mountainous North Caucasus, have become particularly hot spots of public anger.

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At least 100 people were reportedly detained in the regional capital Makhachkala, according to the independent OVD-Info protest monitoring group.

Several videos posted on social media show a scuffle between protesters and police as they "not for war!" were shouting slogans.

While several clips showed violent clashes, with police also sitting on protesters as officers attempted to detain them, one video showed a group of women chasing a police officer.

The video was widely circulated on Russian social media and unbiased media outlets, but Reuters was unable to independently verify it. Police in Dagestan was inaccessible by Reuters.

The video of the "very difficult detention" from Makhachkala alarmed the rights watchdog OVD-Info.

Video captured at the scene showed that earlier on Sunday, police opened fire in the air after dozens of protesters blocked a major road in the village of Dagestani, protesting reports that more than 100 people from the village, Where there is a population of 8,000 people were called up for military service.

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The Seven Months' War has already killed a large number of people in Dagestan. At least 301 soldiers from Dagestan have been killed, according to a tally by the BBC's Russian service, the most of any Russian territory and 10 times the number of deaths from Moscow, which has five times its population.

The Defense Ministry did not release regional details of casualties, despite announcing Wednesday that nearly 6,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since February 24.

a punishment

Outside major cities, disapproved rallies are unusual because they are prohibited by Russia's anti-protest laws.

Since Putin announced the campaign, which the Kremlin refers to as "partial mobilization", more than 2,000 people have been detained in Russia at anti-mobilization rallies, according to the OVD-Info group, which monitors the protests. and provides them with legal support. taken into custody.

Dagestan's governor, Sergei Melikov, wrote on his Telegram page on Sunday that "mistakes have been made" in the region's mobilization rollout in an effort to placate the public.

Despite assurances from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, there have been reports of people with no military experience or parents of young children being called in for the draft.

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The two most senior Russian lawmakers, who are also important aides of Putin, addressed public concerns about the mobilization earlier on Sunday, acknowledging that "astrology" had fueled public outcry.

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