Strawberry Moon 2021: Unique astronomical view to be seen on June 24
Strawberry Moon 2021: Unique astronomical view to be seen on June 24

New Delhi: June 24, 2021 is the first full moon since summer sankranti and a unique astronomical event will be visible in the sky on this day. The moon will be seen in strawberry colour in the sky on June 24. This unique astronomical phenomenon is called strawberry moon. On this day, the moon will look larger in size and slightly as pink as strawberry.

The moon, which falls on the full moon day in June, is called strawberry moon. It is also known as hot moon or honey moon at some places. The moon will appear much larger than its normal size because of its proximity to the Earth in its orbit, then it will be called strawberry moon. The moon of this full moon is called strawberry moon. In fact, strawberry moon has got the name from ancient American tribes that marked the full moon with the onset of the harvest season for Strawberry.

In fact, strawberry moon is a local American name. It is known by different names in different parts of the world. In Europe, strawberry moon is called rose moon, which symbolizes rose harvesting. In the Northern Hemisphere it is called the hot moon (Hot Moon), as it begins the summer season north of the equator. It is considered to be a symbol of the onset of summer l.

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