People cheat if oral sex is guaranteed: Study

Apr 05 2019 08:27 PM
People cheat if oral sex is guaranteed: Study

Oral sex is one  of the most popular type of sex  which can be enjoyed equally by both the partebers. You may be surpised to know that oral sex is linked with the cheating in relationship. According to a  new survey finds that people who decide to cheat on their partners are more likely to indulge in a lot of oral sex.

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The poll conducted by Victoria Milan, a website dedicated to facilitating extra-marital affairs revealed that oral sex is high on their to-do lists. It  quizzed the site’s active male and female members about their sexual preferences and found that those who aren’t keen on oral sex will struggle to find a (second) partner as 65 per cent of women and 68 per cent of men wouldn’t consider a relationship without it.

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According to the findings, 72 percent of women and 85 percent of men believe that oral sex is one of the most important aspect of any relationship and it should not diminish over time. Furthermore, both genders revealed that they prefer receiving oral sex than giving it.

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The report also said that this comes amidst a growing concern that oral sex is to blame for a dangerous strain of “super gonorrhoea” that’s spreading fast – and could be incurable.


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