People in grief pay tribute to Bhopal gas victims

Today is the 37th anniversary of bhopal gas tragedy. You all must be aware that bhopal in Madhya Pradesh had a tragic accident on 2-3 December 1984, 37 years ago. This incident is recorded on the pages of history. It has been named as Bhopal gas tragedy. Let me tell all of you that a poisonous gas leak occurred from the factory of Union Carbide in Bhopal, killing more than 15,000 people and many people were victims of various physical disabilities to blindness, which are still suffering from tragedy. There are still many people who are wandering from pillar to post for proper compensation and justice.

Now, on the 37th anniversary of bhopal gas tragedy, people are paying homage to the gas victims. People are tweeting on Twitter to pay homage to only gas victims and due to this trend is also going on on Twitter. One user wrote: 'The people of the country will not even remember the date of 2 December 1984. What happened on this date? Bhopal still demands justice for that terrible gas tragedy. '#bhopalgastragedy' another user wrote: '#भोपालगैसत्रासदी is yet to come to the court's verdict, the main culprits are dying of natural death, and the government is paying tribute to the people'

At the same time, another user has written: "On this day on 2nd and 3rd December, 1984, bhopal suffered a terrible industrial accident, we are all shocked to remember this tragedy, on the 35th anniversary of #भोपालगैसत्रासदी, my tearful tributes to all the deceased of the incident, while another user wrote: "Bhopal gas tragedy Social worker Jabbar Bhai who fought for passes away!! Tearful tribute !! The society will always miss Jabbar Bhai!! #भोपालगैसत्रासदी. '

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