Music industry artists leaving Afghanistan amid fear of Taliban

Kabul: With the Taliban occupying power in Afghanistan, Artists associated with Afghan music are either fleeing the country to save lives or hiding their instruments. Since the Taliban seized power in the country last month, music artists have been terrified and are closing their offices and some have even hidden their instruments in storerooms.

Some artists and singers have started arriving in Pakistan, saving lives from Afghanistan. The Taliban captured the capital Kabul on August 15 last month. Even if we leave our profession, the Taliban will not leave us, said Pashun Munawar, one such singer who fled the country. All concerts have been cancelled since the Taliban's occupation of Kabul. Another singer, Ajmal, said he changed his dress after the Taliban captured Kabul and came to Peshawar.

He further said that ''we have no enmity with the Taliban. We consider him our brother, but since he doesn't like our work, we feel insecure under his rule.'' Afghan music lovers have closed their offices after a rapidly transforming situation in Afghanistan.

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