Telegram app surpasses 25 million users in just a few hours

Opposition to the instant messaging app WhatsApp's new privacy policy is intensifying and now consumers are looking for other options instead of this. This new WhatsApp policy is being availed by other apps. Evidence that other messaging apps have grown by 2.5 million users in the last 72 hours of Telegram. The number of monthly active subscribers has also increased.

More than 500 million active users: Telegram founder Pavel Durov said the number of Telegram's monthly active subscribers has exceeded 500 million. He said that in 72 hours, 25 million users have downloaded Telegram. According to Powell, people all over the world are joining Telegram. He said 38 percent of the new consumers are from Asia, 27 percent are from Europe and 21 percent are from Latin America. The app was launched in 2013.

These special features: Telegram has many features that users don't find in WhatsApp. Telegram allows users to have a secret chat option. For which the consumer must turn on end-to-encryption. In addition, users can store their messages, documents, and media files with cloud storage. The main thing is that you can run the same Telegram account on multiple devices.

WhatsApp's privacy policy: WhatsApp consumers will have to agri-get the app's new term and privacy policy soon.  It is said that if you are not able to get an agreement from this privacy policy, you will not be able to make WhatsApp a consumer. WhatsApp is going to update its Terms of Service on February 8, 2021, waBetaInfo says. App users can't use WhatsApp if they don't get agree.

WhatsApp cleans up: WhatsApp has given its clean-up in view of consumer protests. WhatsApp has made it clear that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read users' private messages nor listen to your calls with your friends and family on WhatsApp. Whatever you share stays between you. This is because your personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. We will not allow this security to be weakened.

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