After seeing this dog people assume it as lion, Know why?

Mar 12 2020 09:26 AM
After seeing this dog people assume it as lion, Know why?

Barcelona: One such case has come up where people were shocked to see a lion roaming around in the local garden. Seeing the king of this jungle, he approached the police officials and in a hurry, the police started investigating the incident and started preparing to catch the lion in view of the safety of the people. The police investigated the complaint and took to Twitter to make its results public.

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He wrote that several notices have been received in the morning, warning that a lion is seen walking comfortably in a garden area but, we found out from the microchip reader and it turned out to be a doggie. This is the case of Spain, where, seeing a dog with a hair in the garden, people thought of him as the king of the jungle and were captured in homes in panic. Strange pictures of that animal have been posted on the official Twitter account of the police on 7 March. The police also told that they have found the owner of Doggie. This tweet was retweeted 2,400 times and has also received 6,700 likes.

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This dog is in dire need of a haircut. The local police force of Molina de Segura, a municipality in Spain, has also agreed. We can only hope that once the owner of this dog is identified, he will get a long lecture, in which he will be asked to inform about the etiquette of grooming the dog properly.

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