People troubled by a rooster, the case filed

Jul 10 2019 08:04 PM
People troubled by a rooster, the case filed

Recently, there was a case from Pune in Maharashtra demanding action from the police by a woman harassed by a cock-bang and a similar case has now been reported in France. A case has been registered on a chicken where the bang is being filed and now the case is going on in the limelight.

The chicken is said to be named Maurice, and people allege that giving her in the morning causes noise, noise pollution and sleep disturbance. The incident took place in st Pierre de Allron's village of Isle of Allron in France and the rooster was kept sail by a woman named Corinne Fasu. People have taken this step by passing away from this.

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It has also been reported that in April of 2017, for the first time, a complaint was made against the chicken by the woman's neighbours and said that she should silence her chicken. That's because he makes a lot of noise. While the case is currently in court, the verdict is expected to come on September 5.

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