People used to tag me but I laughed at them: Dipannita Sharma

Jan 23 2017 11:08 AM
People used to tag me but I laughed at them: Dipannita Sharma

Model turned actress Dipannita Sharma recently wrapped up her web series launched by VOOT. She played an important role in web series titled Untag. Dipannita while talking to media, speak about her experience of working in web series.

She shared her experience of working in Untag, “It’s been amazing and I think the whole platform of web series itself is so interesting that there is so much that you can tell the audience. I think it’s really an exciting platform and for an actor too because the characters are written in such a manner that you get a lot to do and the content is fun. The director of the series Ashima Chibber has been amazing. The whole cast was amazing and working together has been so much fun.”

The actress talks about her role, “I played the CEO of an advertising agency who has also been tagged. It happens that if a woman is on a higher position then a lot of men call her a man-eater (chuckles) or if a woman is a boss then she is tagged a bitch. Though things are changing, it’s going to take a little time. My character will particularly defy this norm that at the end, you are what you are! The world will always give you tags but the whole point is being who you are and being comfortable with it without worrying about the world. My character is the one who comes out in the world and fight with this so called man’s world. There are so many layers to the character that’s why it was so much fun playing it.”

Whether she got tagged in real life, Dipannita said, “I have a fashion background and because of this, many people have this perception that either I won’t be able to speak Hindi or I won’t know about Hindi films. When they hear me singing old songs, they surprisingly ask me as how I know it. I have this perception that if you are a fashion model then you have to go a certain way. People get shocked to learn that I don’t smoke and I always wonder if this is a criteria to be a good model!” She added, “People have set perception for others. When people used to tag me then I always laughed it off because at the end of the day I know who I am and I don’t need to prove it to the world.”

When asked her doing daily soaps, “There have been a couple of reality show offers but I was not comfortable with the format. A finite daily would interest me that would have a beginning and an end...I would go for it," she said.

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