Watch why wearing mask is crucial in combating Covid-19

Oct 22 2020 04:21 PM
Watch why wearing mask is crucial in combating Covid-19

At this time the total number of Covid 19 patients in the country has crossed 77 lakhs, and it can be said directly that the coronavirus is still in our midst. Many people consider coronavirus ass a joke, but it is not. PM Modi earlier gave a message to the Nation on Tuesday and in that message, he has said that two yards, wash your hands with soap from time to time and take care of the mask. Remember, there is no laxity unless there is medicine.


Even after his address, there are many people who have started keeping away from masks and social distancing and are not taking care of it at all. If you feel that the mask is 'useless' then definitely watch this video. This is a very amazing and excellent video. This video was shared by Twitter user @ArvinderSoin. He captioned the video, 'Now you understand? Wear a mask!'

This video has got more than 2 lakh 40 thousand views and 6.9 thousand likes. Dr Arvind said in his next tweet, 'This is visual art & clever editing with a strong message. Actually viewing the virus requires a different type of microscope altogether!.' People are enjoying this video very much and everyone is learning to wear masks by watching this video.

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