Corona vaccine for people aging above 60 will be started from March

New Delhi: The immunization program has been started at the beginning of the year to defeat the corona epidemic in the country. Now the second phase of vaccination will be started soon. In this, about 27 crore beneficiaries aged 60 years and above will be vaccinated with covid-19. This phase is divided into two groups. One group will receive the free vaccine while the other group will have to pay for the vaccine.

Vaccination of both groups will begin early next month. Preference will be given to people above 60 years of age. Senior officials said that the government has also ensured that in the second phase of vaccination, the beneficiaries can choose a different state except the state where they live according to the voter list. According to the media report, a government source said that 'there will be two pre-defined groups (in the next phase of vaccination). The government will define which group will get the vaccine for free. At the time of registration, the beneficiaries will know whether they are eligible for free immunization or not.

The source said, "who will get the vaccine for free and who will have to bear the cost of it, the final details will be shared soon." The first phase of vaccination started from 16 January. In this, the central government had to bear the entire cost of applying the vaccine to the priority groups of health and primary personnel.

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