Personal Branding is the need of the hour - Tinto Jose Koikkara

We are in a fast-moving world but our impression counts likewise the good old days. People tend to judge others and it's the first impression that sets the tone for the individual. Your skills, attitude, efficiency marks your personal branding and the digital wizard from Ahmedabad, India, Tinto Jose aka TJ focuses on stressing the same. Tinto Jose Koikkara is the founder of the digital company which is popularly known as Stormforz Digital. Tinto sheds his digital understanding and acumen on the essential personal branding and what makes this critical in the present era of social media.
Talking regarding personal branding, TJ shared, "Personal branding is extremely vital in today's world. Your online media presence is equally important as your offline. Gone the days when people were hired based on biodata, now one has to present the portfolio and social media is the key platform where an individual showcases his skills and brands himself. One can't develop the personal brand overnight, it takes time. You have to communicate with your audience through your skillset. It's a regular drill, not a weekly or monthly process. The consistency and quality of your work will carve a niche for yourself and people will associate with you as a brand.
There are multiple social media celebrities, digital heroes, Youtubers who have worked hard on setting up themselves as a brand. Indeed it has yielded fruits for them. Whether you are searching for a job or more sales for your employer, personal branding is more important than ever. You will never get a second chance to make the first impression, give your best with sheer honesty & authenticity. Thus it will set the individual as a brand before the eyes of his or her recruiters and audiences." You can learn more from him at @tjkdigital and also visiting his website 

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