Single parent: one soul serving two purpose

Jul 13 2018 03:47 PM
Single parent: one soul serving two purpose

Parenthood,  a major part of our society seems to be running away from it. Caught in the lust of success, a lot of couples seek an escape from the resplendent phase. Yet there are individuals who seek love and an opportunity to share it. To them, love is not limited to a romantic energy. They uphold passion and the courage to provide an upbringing to a soul and nurture it to humanity.

Adoption has been quite a complex process in India, but there have been people ready to face all odds and pursue their passion of parenthood. 

At an age in life, your biological clock starts ticking, it hints you towards your emotional needs. You realize a void that starts existing inside you. You realize the need for a life to carry your light forward.

Well, you do not always need a partner to plan a baby. There is always an option to bring up lives that have been rejected by their biological producers. 

As much as it is a pleasure, parenthood becomes challenging too, when you need to deal with the emotional as well as social needs of your part of the soul. You serve a mother as well as a father to them.

People like Sushmita Sen who chose to accept parenthood at an early age in life, have set examples of unconditional love.

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