Petrol and diesel prices slashed  today after two days of stability
Petrol and diesel prices slashed today after two days of stability

New Delhi: after two days of stagnation in petrol-diesel prices, it has seen a cut in rates again today. The country's four major metros including the capital city of Jaipur have seen a decline. In Jaipur, petrol price has been slashed by 8 paise, to 6 paise a litre. Petrol 71.04 to Rs 66.69 per litre today after the cut.

This is how today's prices

According to the information, the petrol price has fallen by 8 paise per litre in four major metropolitan cities of the country. After the cut, prices in New Delhi and Mumbai have gone up by 70.35 and Rs 76.04 per litre respectively. On the other hand, petrol prices in Kolkata have seen a 7 paise cut and 9 paise in Chennai. After which the prices of petrol in both the Metros are 72.61 and Rs. 73.08 per litre respectively.

The metropolitan cities have been the same

With this, the price of petrol and diesel is at a 6-month low when it comes to New Delhi. After this reduction, the prices of diesel in the four Metros were 64.33, 66.25, 67.45 and 68.05 per litre respectively. Petrol and diesel prices have risen to a six-month low as the country's capital New Delhi continues to be cut.

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