Petrol-diesel prices rise sharply after stagnation of two days, Here's the new rate

Jun 27 2019 08:46 AM
Petrol-diesel prices rise sharply after stagnation of two days, Here's the new rate

Petrol and diesel prices have been constant for quite some time but now prices have gone up. Yes, petrol and diesel prices have risen again amid rise in crude oil prices, and on Thursday, petrol prices rose by 7 paise, while diesel became costlier by 5 to 6 paise. On the other hand, prices of petrol and diesel have gone up after two days of stagnation. Earlier on Monday, prices recorded a rise.

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According to the new rate list- Indian Oil website, the new price of petrol in Delhi has gone up to Rs 70.12 per litre. Similarly, customers in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai will have to pay Rs 75.82, Rs 72.38 and Rs 72.84 per litre respectively. On the other hand, prices in the four metros have gone up to Rs 63.95, Rs 67.05, Rs 65.87 and Rs 67.64 per litre, respectively.

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The price of petrol and diesel is likely to rise due to the rise in crude oil prices . According to a recent report by the U.S. agency Energy Information Administration, crude oil reserves fell by 128 million barrels on June 21 last week, and Angel Broking Deputy Vice President (Energy and Currency Research) Anuj Gupta said that "the ongoing tension between Iran and the Us "While the price was already bullish on the rise due to the possibility of crude oil supply being affected, the continued fall in U.S. oil reserves has further reled the crude price boom," Anuj Gupta said, adding that "the trade dispute between the US and China is a trade dispute." A positive signal towards a solution will boost oil demand in the coming days, which is likely to further boost prices," he said.



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