Petrol and diesel rates higher than aviation turbine fuel, prices may go up further

New Delhi: The price of petrol and diesel in the country is yet to be relieved. The bottom line is that petrol and diesel prices in the country have exceeded the ATF of air-fuel. Brent crude in the international market has reached nearly $86 a barrel on Monday, making little hope of further relief.

It may be recalled that there was no increase in the price of petrol and diesel on Monday, but petrol and diesel prices were hiked by 35 paise per litre on Sunday itself. Petrol and diesel prices in the country have reached record levels. In many cities, the price of petrol has crossed Rs 110 a litre. At the same time, petrol and diesel prices have exceeded aviation turbine fuel (ATF) or airplane fuel. The price of one litre of petrol in Delhi is Rs 105.84. The price of one litre of diesel is Rs 94.57. In Mumbai, one litre of petrol is selling for Rs 111.77 and diesel is priced at Rs 102.52 per litre.

On the other hand, the condition now is that the fuel ATF of the airplane is now selling about 33 per cent cheaper than petrol. Aviation turbine fuel in Delhi costs Rs 79,020 per thousand litres. Rs 79 per litre. The price of petrol is Rs 105.84 per litre. Thus, vehicle fuel prices are about one-third higher than aviation fuel.

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