Stability in petrol-diesel prices for second consecutive day

Jul 28 2020 01:41 PM
Stability in petrol-diesel prices for second consecutive day

Mumbai: The outbreak of Corona epidemic is once again seen increasing in the whole world. The trade war between the US and China seems to be increasing somewhat. Its impact is visible on the international fuel market. That is why even this week, no signs of fasting were seen. There was almost peace in this last week too. Meanwhile, there is no change in the price of petrol and diesel in the domestic market even today.

This is the second consecutive day, while there was no change in petro fuel prices. Two days before this, government oil companies had increased diesel prices by 15 paise per liter only. If we consider last week's data, then the government oil companies left petrol and diesel prices unchanged for 4 consecutive days. However, after that on Saturday and Sunday, diesel prices were increased. If seen, the price of diesel has been increased 10 times this month.

If seen this month, the government oil companies are only increasing the prices of diesel. Diesel prices have been increased in 10 installments this month, due to which diesel has become costlier by Rs 1.60 per liter. Talking about petrol, there has been no increase in it since last 30 days. Its price was last increased on June 29, that too only 5 paise per liter. In Delhi today, i.e. on 28 July, Tuesday, petrol prices remained at Rs 80.43 and diesel at Rs 81.94.

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