Relief in petrol and diesel prices, know today's rate

Sep 16 2019 11:16 AM
Relief in petrol and diesel prices,  know today's rate

New Delhi: Oil marketing companies have not made any changes in the prices of petrol and diesel on Monday. But on Sunday, the price of petrol and diesel was increased for the fourth consecutive day. After this, petrol is being sold again in the capital of the country at a price higher than Rs 72 a liter. On Sunday, petrol prices in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai were increased by six paise while in Chennai by seven paise per litre. In the four metro cities, the price of diesel was increased by six paise per litre.

According to the website of Indian Oil, petrol in the national capital today is Rs 72.03 per litre, while diesel is being sold at Rs 65.43 per litre. Petrol prices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai have gone up to Rs 74.76, Rs 77.71 and Rs 74.85 per litre respectively, while diesel rates have reached Rs 67.84, Rs 68.62 and Rs 69.15 per litre respectively.

At the same time, crude oil prices in the international market softened last week, there is a possibility of a further increase in prices as the supply of oil is likely to be disrupted due to the military tension arising in the Gulf region. At the same time, due to negotiations between the US and China towards the solution of a trade war, the demand for crude oil can increase, which can cause the price to rise.

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