Imran Khan praises Modi govt over petrol and diesel price cut

New Delhi: The general public is very happy with the reduction in excise duty on crude oil by the Modi government. However, the debate on this matter continues. Not only in India but also in Pakistan, the situation has intensified on this move of the Modi government. In fact, due to the extremely expensive petrol and diesel in Pakistan, the general public is helpless. The politicians sitting in the government do not understand how to save the country's sinking economy. Amidst all this, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has praised the reduction in petrol-diesel prices cut in India.


Praising India's independent foreign policy, Khan said, "India takes decisions independently in the interest of its citizens without coming under pressure from any country, including the US.'' That is why India has given relief to its citizens by buying oil from Russia. After the central government's cut in the prices of petrol and diesel, former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan made a series of tweets one after the other and praised the Modi government's move. He wrote that despite being part of the QUAD, India did not succumb to the pressure of the US. India has faced all kinds of pressure properly and is giving relief by buying cheap oil from Russia for the betterment of its citizens.


Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that India has given relief to its citizens by buying cheaper oil from Russia based on its efforts while safeguarding its independent foreign policy. Apart from this, he recalled his government and wrote that a similar effort was being made by our government, because the interest of Pakistan was paramount to our government, but unfortunately, the local Meir Jafar's Mir Sadiq succumbed to external pressure for a change of power. Now they are running around like a headless chicken, whose economy has become completely uncontrollable. This is not the first time that former Pakistan PM Imran Khan has praised India. He's done it many times before.

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