Petrol price fell on Saturday, diesel remained unchanged..check rate here

Feb 09 2019 02:56 PM
Petrol price fell on Saturday, diesel remained unchanged..check rate here

New Delhi: On Saturday, Petrol price continued to fall while diesel price remained unchanged in major Indian cities. After today's price revision, petrol became 10 paise cheaper while diesel price remained same as yesterday. Petrol in Delhi was retailing at Rs 70.28 compared to Rs 70.38 on Friday. Diesel was selling at Rs 65.56 per litre.

In Mumbai as well, while petrol price dropped from below Rs 76 mark to Rs 75.92 per litre, Diesel in the city as retailing at Rs 68.65 per litre. Petrol price dropped in other metro cities like Kolkata and Chennai. While petrol was retailing 10 paise cheaper at Rs 72.39 and Rs 72.95 respectively diesel price remained stable at Rs 67.34 and Rs 69.25 per litre respectively. In Noida, petrol price went down 19 paise to Rs 70.08 per litre today. Diesel in the city became 11 paise cheaper and was selling at Rs 64.67. In Gurugram while petrol price dropped 8 paise from Rs 71.30 to Rs 71.22, diesel price remained unchanged after Saturday's price revision. In Bangalore, petrol today was retailing 10 paise cheaper at Rs 72.60 compared to 72.70 yesterday. Diesel price did not change in the city post revision.

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Here it is noted that crude oil price went up on Friday but ended the week with a 5 per cent loss lost amid slow global demand concerns. Brent crude futures went up to settle $62.02 mark on Friday but it fell over 1 per cent on the week. Struggling euro zone economies and the crisis in Venezuela were some of the factors that dented crude oil futures this week.

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