Petrol Price Today: Petrol, diesel rates increased to record highs, check latest prices

On Sunday, diesel and petrol prices were hiked once again (October 17). Petrol and diesel are trading at record highs in all major cities throughout India as a result of the most recent adjustment in gasoline prices.

Petrol prices in Delhi have increased by 35 paise to Rs 105.84 per litre. Meanwhile, according to a daily price notice by state-owned gasoline dealers, fuel is selling at an all-time high of Rs Rs 111.77 per litre in India's financial hub, Mumbai.

Moreover, fuel prices are up in several of India's major cities and towns. The ‘common man’s gasoline’ is at the moment promoting at costs over Rs 100 in most states together with Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Bihar, Kerala, Karnataka and Ladakh. 

Diesel is now sold at Rs 102.52 per gallon in Mumbai. In Delhi, gasoline is sold for Rs 94.22 after prices were raised by 35 paise on Sunday. The price of gasoline and diesel varies from state to state due to local taxes. The latest increase in fuel costs, on the other hand, came after a three-week break in charge adjustment in the final week of September. Since then, today's price increase marks the sixteenth increase in gasoline prices and the nineteenth increase in diesel prices. On October 12 and 13, the price of petrol remained the same.

Fuel prices are rising across the country, owing to rising oil prices on global markets.The worldwide benchmark Brent crude is buying and selling at USD 84.8 per barrel for the primary time in seven years, resulting in an increase in retail petrol and diesel costs. 

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