Latest updates: Petrol and diesel prices hiked for the second consecutive day

Jun 12 2021 10:45 AM
Latest updates: Petrol and diesel prices hiked for the second consecutive day

Oil companies have again hiked petrol and diesel prices today (Saturday). Petrol price has become costlier by 27 paise per litre and diesel by 23 paise per litre in the Indian market. Petrol has touched Rs 96.12 per litre and diesel at Rs 86.98 per litre in Delhi on Saturday following changes in oil prices.

Oil companies had also hiked petrol and diesel prices on Friday. Petrol prices were hiked by 29 paise per litre while diesel by 28 paise per litre. Petrol sold at Rs 95.85 per litre while diesel sold at Rs 86.75 per litre in Delhi after Friday's hike. Tell us that the price of fuel has been increased 23 times since 4th May till 12th June. The increase has hit record levels in petrol and diesel prices across the country. Petrol has become costlier by Rs 5.45 a litre and diesel by Rs 6.02 a litre as fuel prices have increased 22 times from May 4 to June 11.

Find out the price of petrol and diesel in your city today:-
>> Delhi - Rs 96.12 per litre while diesel is Rs 86.98 per litre
>> Mumbai - Rs 102.30 per litre, diesel Rs 94.39 per litre
>> Kolkata - Rs 96.06 per litre, diesel Rs 89.83 per litre
>> Chennai - Rs 97.43 per litre, diesel Rs 91.64 per litre
>> Bengaluru - Rs 99.33 per litre, diesel Rs 92.21 per litre
>> Noida - Rs 93.46 per litre, diesel Rs 87.46 per litre

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