'PFI instigated Delhi's anti-Hindu riots..,' Ex-commissioner told how vicious organization is?

New Delhi: After the name of the radical Islamic organization Popular Front of India (PFI) came to the fore in terrorist and violent activities in the country, on the instructions of the Union Home Ministry, the Special Cell of Delhi Police also spread PFI across the country with the help of central security agencies. The horoscopes of the leaders have been started. It is now learned that the PFI also played the biggest role in the anti-Hindu riots that broke out in North-East Delhi.

Now in view of the action being taken on PFI across the country, former Police Commissioner SN Srivastava has given a shocking statement about the riots for the first time on Saturday (September 24) regarding its role. He said that if the youth of a particular community (Muslim) were not instigated by PFI, there would have been no riots in North-East Delhi. The members of PFI Delhi went to all the Muslim-dominated areas of Delhi for several months and brainwashed the youth, teenagers and women by showing them sympathy by becoming their biggest sympathizers. The former commissioner told that PFI also gave money openly to these people. When the atmosphere conducive to the objectives of PFI was created, then riots were instigated in Delhi. More than 80 percent of the youth and teenagers were involved in the Delhi riots, which were instigated by the PFI.

The former commissioner said that during the investigation of the riots, it had come to the fore that not only in Delhi but also in the whole country, when the matter arises in relation to the people of a particular community (Muslim), the members of the PFI immediately They reach there to express their sympathy. Their intention is only to incite riots there. By going there, these people start creating an atmosphere of riots under the guise of making Muslims aware. Especially by brainwashing the youth, efforts are made to make them fanatics and jihadis. They are told that if they do not fight for their community and rights, then one day they will be subjected to horrific atrocities. They have to leave the country and run away. By speaking such poisonous things, poison is filled in the mind of the youth and work is done to make them fanatic. 

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The former police commissioner has told that PFI has completely made its stronghold in South India. There is terror of this organization. In North-India too, PFI is slowly making its inroads for the past several years. By going to Assam in 2017, it was successful in establishing its strong roots there, because there is a large Muslim population there. The main target of this organization is youth. This organization comes in contact with Muslims on the pretext of educating and uniting them. After this, they are given computer training in the name of education. It encourages the youth to become leaders on a small scale. So that those youth can be used when needed.

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SN Srivastava has told that PFI works in a very clever way. To avoid the investigating agencies, it takes donations in cash only. For the sake of appearance, it deducts the receipt of 10 to 50 thousand i.e. small donations. So that it does not come in the eyes of the investigating agencies. Doesn't use mobile or bank transactions. So the investigating agencies have problems in proving the role of PFI in riots etc.

What was Delhi's anti-Hindu riot?

Let us tell you that, the 2020 riots are called anti-Hindu riots because, the main accused in the riots and former Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillor Tahir Hussain himself has confessed that he had hatched this conspiracy to teach a lesson to Hindus. He had demolished the CCTVs of the area and asked his men to collect sticks and weapons. Whereas, the Hindus on the other hand did not know that preparations were going on for several days to attack them. Unconcerned with the fear of any untoward incident, the Hindus could not even save themselves when they were attacked. Hindu shops were set on fire, looted and stone pelting started. 53 people died in these riots, while more than 200 were injured. Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer Ankit Sharma was also killed in the same anti-Hindu riots, 400 knife marks were found on his body. That is, the hatred was to such an extent that, even after death, Ankit was constantly being stabbed, his body was found in a drain located near the house of former AAP councillor Tahir Hussain.  

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