See 'How anxiety curbs your life' in these photographs !!!

Our brain has a very strong bond with our emotions, it reacts the way you feel and sometimes your emotions can harm its working. Excess stress can cause depression and it may affect your mental stability too. 
Anxiety is one of the causes of stress in people, they get nervous every time. No matter how perfect they are, they will always think of negative instances. 

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Chronic Anxiety is very hazardous for your health, it will affect your whole bodily functions, the way you think, the way you react and the way you deal with the situations. 

Here I have some of the pictures which will describe you, how anxiety curbs your happy life and till the time you realize, you lost everything.

When you overstress on small issues and fear of every tiny consequence.

Lack of confidence gives space to anxiety in your brain.

It curbs your whole body and mind.

You decide to end life, because of no solution.

Finally when you realize the problem and try hard to get it off from you.


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